What does Acceptance look like?

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Acceptance is as it is - Accepting that today is today - You are YOU today - In this moment You are beautiful, wonderful, Bright, Creative, Resourceful and Whole as the COMPLETE YOU- Today - You are good enough!

Unfortunately acceptance is only learnt through the lens of growth. Where new discovery had to happen because of pain, loss, failure or what ever it was that stopped you in your tracks to begin the process of looking inward.

It happens to us all and some go more into it than others and some learn small lessons to start again. We are incredible humans that keep showing up to fight the good fight against ourselves everyday that causes us unnecessary pain, drama and a fog of self doubt that is not true or justified.

My Acceptance of myself was no different, I fell many times and grew each time. I didn't just arrive at this point I grew inside and took action to where I am today. I accept myself as I am in this moment and you can two. It starts with gratitude flipping your 'what ifs /until I have' into the here and now and being thankful for all you have in this moment. Because what you have in your life right now is exactly what you need right now!

When we learn the power of real gratitude we stop focusing on the future, we become present to this moment - there is no fear, no questions, just real appreciation for what you do have.

For real growth to occur we need to accept that where we are right now is exactly where we need to be and that applying positive action to yourself is necessary for further growth to develop, and allowing the real you show up in the process.

When we start being grateful we stop the 'Comparison syndrome cycle' and we concentrate on our own lives. We loose the ability to compare because we are only focusing on gratitude within ourselves. Comparing ourselves is out of control due to the power of social media and virtual reality. It's on a whole new level, the grass is greener has taken a whole new meaning so, its up to us to stand tall in our own skin everyday and start looking inwards and not outwards.

So I urge you all to start accepting yourself, applying gratitude to yourself and your life which will cut out the Comparison syndrome that the marketing companies are paying good money to hold onto!!

Tell yourself I accept myself as I am, I'm here, I'm ready and I'm good enough as I am. #Iacceptmyself

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Thanks for reading Pam x




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