Mind over Matter

The process of 'mind over matter' is all well and good if you are programmed to look at 'the matter' in a positive mindset but if you become two consumed by 'the matter' the mind can allow all unwarranted thoughts to over-ride the mind and create a bigger 'matter' than was first experienced or required. I have done this to myself for many years until I got to grips with my mind, understood & learnt the basic tools and applied them to my life. My Inner critic/ ego (or what ever you decide to call yours- I call mine, my gremlin) could allow me to think horrendous things about myself and create unnecessary drama and sabotage my being that the difference between fact and real were miles apart. My very own sitcom in my head. Great viewing!!

You see our minds have a 2 way system,1 side wants and know there's more to your life, You can do so much more, with your life and reach for your own endless goals, but then there is the other side the inner critic /ego /gremlin that hinders, destroys and squashes all progressive action that you might like to take and doesn't allow you to move forward. It stops your every move. It likes to think its protecting you from not getting hurt or failure but in fact if we don't try we will never know how good we could have been and continue to live a life that is just 'OK' and over think about the should of's, could of's, woulds of's and the cycle continues.....

So I hear you say 'this is me what can I do'? First off, this is everybody in every situation and those that know the tools know how to conquer their inner critic and they apply positive thoughts/ feelings / beliefs / actions to make a start on their

desired goal or 'matter'. Its not always easy but with practise/ support /guidance and understanding it can be done and your inner critic will automatically become a back seat passenger and you take control of your mind and 'the matter' in how it thinks and supports you.

So if you find yourself allowing your own inner critic taking over your mindset and producing thoughts of I cant, I don't know enough, I'm not good enough, write these out on paper- take a hard look at it them and ask yourself- Are these real ? Are you sure you cannot try? what can I do to support me to try this? What or who could support me to give it ago? What skills do I have that would allow me to start? (Yes we all have a skill set) What belief do I have about it and see what happens to your original thought. Take action by making a plan and turn each part into a step towards the end goal and you are on your way to squashing your inner critic, boosting your mindset and over coming 'the matter'


Want to learn more check out your nearest induction course and we look forward to supporting you to learn the tools which will build your confidence and support your positive progressive mindset. - Pam Tracey


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