2019 -You've got this.

Do you remember a time when you did something you committed to doing and how you felt when you had achieved it. I urge & encourage you to choose wisely and play to your strengths and what you want more from in your life when choosing a goal /resolution in 2019. 'Doing what we love is more about who we are and not about others'

I always here I used to love doing that and meeting the lads/girls at the same time. Well why not implement a new weekly habit or goal that gets what you actually like doing into the mix. That way it becomes a habit easier and is more fun to do and will have you jumping up off your couch and out the door!

Recently I have felt the need to drink more water and over 12 years ago I used religiously drink 2 litres every day. Now I know this might seem simple, but in an age where coffee is available at every corner my h20 consumptions has drastically decreased. So, to get me back on track and committed to my goal I remembered/answered the following questions.

How did I feel / look when I drank 2 litres of water everyday? Amazing

What did I do to implement this goal? Bought 21 days supply of 2 litres of water and carried it everywhere until it was gone. Left the next bottle at the front door for the following day!Soon I got addicted to water in a healthy way!

I had success with this and I have now rewired my mind to do it again and taking the same action to implement so I can aim for the results I need.

The next goal I want to implement is actively taking more steps and meeting friends I don't get to see anymore - So I reached out to some of them and suggested we go walking in the evenings to catch up and get active two.- Win win.

You see your new years resolutions do not need to be large in goal, they can be simple in measure but grand in possibilities and outcomes. Keeping it simple and allowing for success is the key and if you can stick more pieces together with the one aim more success is achieved and a happier you is the outcome.

Good luck with your new aims and all you aspire to be /do in 2019 and remember when it gets tough & you have lost your way

Every second is a new second

Every minute is a new minute

Every hour is a new hour.

Every day is a new day.

Every week is a new week.

Written by:

Mrs Mind Watcher Pam Tracey x


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