Mind Watchers &
Your Team.

Human happiness is the route to all success in all walks of life and especially teams in business.


Could your business or team benefit from the Mind Watchers Strategy?

Ask yourself are your employees happy?

If so, great & if not- why not?

When we know the answers we can work on the 'why' building solutions to move forward which will develop and create a more transparent, happy, energetic team whilst understanding your employees through the Mind Watchers Model.

  • What are they thinking?

  • How are they feeling?

  • What do they believe to be true?

  • Which Results in all types of action productive or otherwise! 


I am passionate about employees within the work force and 100% believe if he/she is not happy then its a waste of time but when we work on the 'why' the human potential is limitless in what it can achieve for themselves and your business.



About Pam Tracey.

I have extensive experience and a broad career managing in Small to medium businesses, within large companies, corporate level & subsequently going on to build my own retail business over 7 years, 4 stores 16 staff at its peak, ending in march 2017 and overcoming bankruptcy.


I feel I am well equipped to support you and your team. I have acquired the understanding & knowledge from staff member through to management / business owner. I call it my 360 radar. I genuinely understand the concerns of each role and am passionate that understanding transfers in my workshop /training /coaching / motivational talks.

If you are interested in learning more and want to get a tailored made Mind Watchers package for your team or business please do not hesitate to contact me.


"Pam is amazing at energising & re focusing individuals & teams to perform & be at their best, in both personal & professional capacity. This workshop was well worthwhile doing earlier this year & we are delighted to see the positive changes in both work & personal life"

 Jessica O' Connor Director Kerry Phone Centres. 

Mind Watchers Club Ltd.


Co. Kerrry.

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