Mind Watchers

Minding What Matters


How Does Mind Watchers Work?

Learn about right v's Left thinking and new easy to use daily tools that will uplift and enhance your life.


Who is Mind Watchers For?

Everyone who wants to expand their thinking and turn their I cant into I can.


What to expect at Mind Watchers Club

Easy to use tools that will uplift energise you to live a full life every day.


Mind Watchers & Team Building.

Could your team benefit from the Mind Watchers Formula?

Mind Watchers programme now online from January 2nd 2020.

Expand your mindset to be more proactive. 

The Mind Watchers 5 week powerful formula will educate you around your thinking and how it impacts your life.

Embrace the new  ideas and tools that will renew your inner and outer confidence that naturally puts a bounce  back in your step.

When you change the thinking you change the results.

The Process - It's Up to you!

"Learn to Control your OWN Mind and  you will never be controlled by the mind of another" Napoleon Hill.


Book your course.


Commit to it.


Adapt a new Mindset


Apply it to your

daily life

Watch the Results

Pam is amazing at energizing & re-focusing individuals & teams to perform & be at their best, in both personal & professional capacity.
This workshop was well worthwhile doing earlier this year & we are delighted to see the positive changes in both work & personal life -
Jessica O' Connor Kerry Phone Centres.

Mind Watchers Club Ltd.


Co. Kerrry.

Tel 087 9207200

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